Monday, June 9, 2008

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The way it was..... June 9th 1998
-------------------------------------------------------------------- From Dave Bull:
"Hien Pham, the friend who made the suggestion about the Vietnamese prints the other day, dropped me another line this afternoon. He suggested a new section in the 'Exhibitions' section of the Encyclopedia - a section on traditional woodblock prints from various countries.
This is obviously a good idea, and I'll start work on it right away ... but _what_ countries have such a tradition? I've seen woodblocks from China, Taiwan, Tibet/Nepal ... and now Vietnam.
Anybody else know of any others? Please let me know if you do, and if you know of any images that we might be able to use for such a page ..."

From James Mundie: Excerpt of correspondence with Max Yela (Head, Special Collections Golda Meir Library,UW-Milwaukee. WI) on response to a James Mundie inquiry:

"Thanks for your note about american artist
Danny Pierce. I'm pleased you enjoyed the exhibit; it was certainly fun putting it together and a pleasure to work with the artist. Now in his mid-70s, Danny is still very active, creating about one complete book a year, each with a dozen or more of his expressive, multi-color wood block prints. His most recent book is called The Trek (1996), and deals poetically with the subject of North American caribou migration.
There is a book artist in Philadelphia whose woodblocks and linocuts I admire, Claire Owen. Do you know her?"