Tuesday, August 28, 2012

David Bull - Ukiyoe-Heroes Project Update

If you are wondering what Dave's latest project is all about make sure to check out his latest YouTube video and link below that explains what the exciting Ukiyoe-Heroes project is all about. Here is Dave talking about the first batch of prints ("Rickshaw Cart")ready to ship.

You can read all about Ukiyoe-Heroes, the exciting Kickstarter campaign and David's collaboration with illustrator Jed Henry here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess the mystery artist ?

Can you guess the mystery artist ?

Well, actually this is a trick question, the prints are by different artists and from different time periods. The first and fourth prints are by Matt Brown from Lyme, New Hampshire. The other prints are by well known Canadian watercolour painter & printmaker Walter J. Phillips (1884-1963). Phillips made most of his woodblock prints between 1917 and 1952. Matt Brown was born in 1958 and made his first Japanese style woodblock prints around 1993.

I was taken back by the similarity in subject matter between the two artists. Like Phillips, Matt Brown also derives his inspiration from the surrounding landscape, family and animal life. Looking at the work of both men leaves no doubt as to their love and admiration for Nature.

You can check out Matt's website and gallery at: http://www.ooloopress.com/index.html

For a comprehensive site on Walter J. Phillips you can visit: http://www.sharecom.ca/phillips/

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Baren-Suji

Welcome to the NEW! Baren-Suji: The Official Baren Blog and Newsletter
Baren-suji are the marks left by the baren when printing. Similarly, this newsletter assumes the role of recording the marks left by the woodblock printmakers that constitute [Baren]. Comments and contributions are welcomed.  Baren and The Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking were created by David Bull in 1997 to promote the art of and share information about woodblock printmaking. Baren activities include an international discussion forum, a network of woodblock printmakers, workshops and get-togethers, and the very successful Exchange and Exhibition Programs.