Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess the mystery artist ?

Can you guess the mystery artist ?

Well, actually this is a trick question, the prints are by different artists and from different time periods. The first and fourth prints are by Matt Brown from Lyme, New Hampshire. The other prints are by well known Canadian watercolour painter & printmaker Walter J. Phillips (1884-1963). Phillips made most of his woodblock prints between 1917 and 1952. Matt Brown was born in 1958 and made his first Japanese style woodblock prints around 1993.

I was taken back by the similarity in subject matter between the two artists. Like Phillips, Matt Brown also derives his inspiration from the surrounding landscape, family and animal life. Looking at the work of both men leaves no doubt as to their love and admiration for Nature.

You can check out Matt's website and gallery at:

For a comprehensive site on Walter J. Phillips you can visit:


  1. I like this thread. It'd make a great weekly feature!

  2. Oh you sneaky little devil, you. Nice to see the inclusion of Matt's work. Rather a fun little exercise, though I am not conversant enough with woodblock artists to be able to make an intelligent guess!