Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Baren-Suji

Welcome to the NEW! Baren-Suji: The Official Baren Blog and Newsletter
Baren-suji are the marks left by the baren when printing. Similarly, this newsletter assumes the role of recording the marks left by the woodblock printmakers that constitute [Baren]. Comments and contributions are welcomed.  Baren and The Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking were created by David Bull in 1997 to promote the art of and share information about woodblock printmaking. Baren activities include an international discussion forum, a network of woodblock printmakers, workshops and get-togethers, and the very successful Exchange and Exhibition Programs.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds. 8-]

  2. Oh, we are so "with the times", aren't we? I was wondering the other day if the Baren Forum ever got a FaceBook Page. And now we have a blog. Who is going to write it?

  3. We HAVE a FaceBook Page!
    Look on the Baren Links, top left. OMG, we are so "with it", LOL (see, I know all the lingo). I thought you would write something, no? :-)
    Baren Tweets? anyone? well, maybe not that "with it"

  4. Can a Baren Twitter be far behind ? It might be hard to keep me from posting to just 140 characters :(