Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baren Cairn María Arango Monterrey México exhibit

Photos of the Baren Cairn at First International Printmaking Collective 2009 Monterrey México. Centro Cultural Abasolo of the School of Arquitecture of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. Arte Desarrollo Humano Second International Prints for Peace 2009, Second International Printmaking Collective 2010

Baren CAIRN María Arango Coordinator

I would like to share these photos of the Baren Cairn coordinated by Maria Arango. Maria was one of the 10 printmakers participating in the First International Printmaking exhibit 2009 at the Centro Cultural Abasolo School of Architecture of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Léon. Please see the invitation with the prints of the other participants at: . Six international and 4 Mexican artists participated with 3 prints each. The prints with passpartout were mailled and I framed them all with 40 x 50 centimeters acrilics. I am very gratefull to all the participants for this exhibit.
I invited Maria to exhibit the Cairn in this same exhibit as coordinator. The comments were very positive in general for the exhibit. For the Cairn specially there was much interest for this inovative initiative. The Cairn besides beeing beautifull is an excellent educational and inspirational piece of art for our students and artists here. Thanks to all the 84 international printmakers that participated in the Cairn. You can see the artists names of the Cairn at: Second International Prints for Peace Juried Exhibit México 2009 -deadline July 15 2009 Dra. Guadalupe Victorica Arte Desarrollo Humano Segunda Convocatoria Internacional Grabados por la Paz México 2009 IMNRC Segunda Colectiva Internacional de Grabado 2010 Second International Prints for Peace 2009, Second International Printmaking Collective 2010

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baren Ads & Ops June 15, 2009

Welcome to the Baren Ads & Ops Newsletter
Moku Hanga DVD In depth instructional video. This DVD is playable on your Computer or a Video player attached to the TV. The information and instructions shown on this professionally made DVD is over an hour long and is second to none. It is the accumulation of 18 years of hands on experience by Graham Scholes who has created over 100 print images, carving 600 plates and printed approximately 55 thousand sheets of Hosho Paper. Full details are available at... e-mail to:
New Directions in Printmaking: The Technical Side Nik Semenoff produced DVD - which contains the following: § Toner in All Media: General information on how toner can be used in print media. § Waterless Lithography: Explains how to use common caulking silicone as the ink rejection surface on the plate. § Toner in Intaglio: How toner is used with photo intaglio plates and using electro-etching for safer etching. § Copper sulfate Mordant: Using inexpensive copper sulfate and common salt to etch metal plates. It can be converted to cupric chloride for etching copper plates. § Order on the Internet by using PayPal:

Japanese Woodblock: Moku Hanga SANTA CRUZ Classes are in the traditional water base woodcut technique of Japan, printed with watercolor and sumi ink. This refined woodcut technique offers rich, light-fast color, precise registration, non-toxic cleanup and printing without a press. It is the same technique used by the Japanese ukiyoe masters in the 19th century, made accessible for western artists. These workshops include an historical overview and focus on how the technique can be useful for contemporary printmakers.
Class dates (Class #01CAMH1-05) are: Sat. & Sun., August 23 & 24, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration: $200, plus $50 materials fee at class. (This includes wood, paper and color, and the loan of printing and cutting tools. Block size will be 6 x 8 inches, image size approximately 5 x 7 inches.)
Cabrillo Extension and Community Education 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California 95003 The class is in room 5010 in the horticulture area at the top of the hill, overlooking Monterey Bay. Cabrillo main office: 831-479-6331 fax: 477-5239 e-mail: Register on line at:

Marketing Tools
ART FESTIVAL GUIDE Making a living as an artist, the brave way! Entertaining and thorough account on how to launch a career as an art festival artist. A book for brave artists who embark on the treacherous and most wonderful adventure of selling artful creations in art festivals and generally directly to the public. What you will need, how to choose shows, sales at the booth, marketing and promotion, setting goals for continued success, display tips, tricks of the trade, staying healthy and much more.

Artist Opportunities Four Oceans Press: North due October 15, 2009 Cardinal Directions will be taking sign-ups soon.
Southern Winter Northern Summer Solstice 2009 Print Exchange You are invited to join an international group of printmakers who hold a print exchange at the time of the two yearly solstices. Here are the details for our next exchange. We remind you to please be mindful of the deadlines. Sign-up deadline: June 21, 2009 ... sign up by sending private email to: CharlesGMorgan@

Exhibits To See
Waves, Waterfalls and Ripples: Water in Japanese Art, a small exhibition of classic prints is showing at the Allentown Art Museum through July 18. It includes 17 prints, mostly Hiroshige and Hokusai, with a couple by Hiroshige II. The Hokusai prints are all from the waterfall series and are posthumous. The Hiroshige prints are mostly from the 36 views of Fuji series.

Graphic Chemical and Ink
McClains Printmaking Supplies
Stephen Kinsella Paper – Fine Art Papers
Whelan Press Printmaking Etching Press

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