Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exchanges Status Report!

Exchange #70

Gillyin Gatto, our awesome coordinator reports that about a dozen sets of prints have been received. Deadline is today November 1st so everyone should be very close to mailing their prints. Thank you for your constant updates on the YahooGroups-Barenforum, Gillyin!


In addition to this blog, there are various ways to interact with Barenforum.org members and our many many friends!

Exchange #71

This exchange will be closing shortly and is fully loaded with eager printmakers willing to share prints. The theme is open and that always makes an interesting collection showcasing a variety of styles and subjects.

As of this day, 63,900 prints have flown all over the world in the name of sharing woodblock art since Barenforum's founding. That's 30 participants, 30 prints each, 70 exchanges if anyone wants to check my math. Each of the long-time participants owns an astounding collection of nearly 2100 prints from all over the world.

Our Exchange Program lives here: http://barenforum.org/exchange/index.html

Prints from Baren Exchange #67

Cut! Print!