Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Christmas with my first print

Merry Christmas everybody. I thought I'd let the world see my first very modest little print, "Catching Snowflakes". 6.5 x 5cms. (So I think the image you can see below is about 4 times bigger!). I've had to fit it in around a busy work schedule, but it's gone out as a Christmas card to select friends and family, and via this blog, to all at Baren.

Only 3 blocks, black, blue and red/light pink.
Considering it's my first attempt at anything like this before, I'm quite pleased, and I've learnt far more by doing than I have by just reading, especially when it came to printing. I just want to get stuck into my next one now.
Merry Christmas everybody.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

[Baren] Xmas Message ...

Every year we've got a new crop of members who haven't heard it, so once again the [Baren] Xmas Message is online!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Summit II photos from Louise Cass

Here are some nice photos from the camera of Louise Cass: (uploaded by Wanda)
Arriving at Sharri's beautiful studio(s) and house.

Barbara's quick solar plate etching.

Wanda explaining

Wanda's finished print
Charles Morgan demonstrating 'foilography'. The Columbia River at sunset from Marine drive. A much admired print in the Portland Museum Richard wrapping the baren Richard demonstrating 'bokashi' Mt. Hood instead of the Falls Who are they looking at so intently? The view from Marilynn's boat with strolling blue heron.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Portraits of Baren Summit Participants

Here are some photos of the Summit participants.What a wonderful group of fun, witty, and enthusiastic artistic people! It was wonderful getting to know all of you a little bit. I wish I had more time to spend with you all!
#4.jpg Le Green and Nancy Osadchuk
#7b.jpg Louise Cass and Florine Sar #8.jpg Frank Trueba, Bridget Pilip, Sandy Overby #10.jpg Georga Garside and Bea Gold #12b.jpg Diane Cutter, Carole Carroll, Marilyn Smith and Barbara Patera in front #13.jpg L.D. Lawrence and Carol Chapel #14.jpg Ellen Shipley and Tracy Peart #19.jpg Wanda Robertson and Sharri LaPierre #20.jpg Viza Arlington and Stephanie Marinone #22.jpg Bea Gold and Amy Stoner #25.jpg Paul de Jode #24.jpg Charles Morgan and Bea Gold (comparing length of their hair) #77.jpg Sharri LaPierre being presented a special gift by Charles Morgan. (Someone else will have to explain the significance of the marshmallows?)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

cuttting lines

I am on day two of the Richard Steiner workshop that followed back to back with the summit. He has developed a new way to carve a straight line that is amazing...using an untraditional tool. I will try to get photos of it to post on the blog. We are using all shina to carve so if my block is not too hidiously carved I will post it as well. I am a fairly decent printer but have always had trouble carving. I am now using the flat chisel about 6mm that is beveled on one side, pushing it away from me on the outside of the line. Beveled side out and flat side to the line. Pushing the knife (chisel) with my right hand and guiding it with my left thumb or finger...it is amazing control. The problem I have alwasy had with the toh is pulling it toward me...I somehow have no control. This new way of carving has made a huge difference....and I can do fairly small lines with it. If your chisel is rounded, like most bull nosed chisels are, it will not work. It needs to be flat with sharp corners to work in this manner. I was pretty excited about this as most of my blocks are carved like a 2 year old did them....so there is hope for us all. I am going to try to use the toh in this manner as well, but do see that it will be harder to use as one would almost have to hold it at a very odd angle to push it away...I will do some experimenting.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Parting shot...

I found this sign across the bathroom door Saturday morning. It kind of sums the Summit. It was great and I can't wait to digest all hese new things I've learned and come to the next one - where ever it may be.
Cheers! Sharri

Saturday, August 19, 2006

At the Gallery

In the afternoon of the last day of the Summit, we took a short trip to visit the North Bank Gallery in Vancouver, WA. Here are a few photos for you.
Charles Morgan explaining some details of his print.
#65.jpg Bridget Pilip and her work. #66bx.jpg Barbara Mason and her print. #70b.jpg Diane Cutter and some of her work. #72b.jpg Nancy Osadchuk and one of her prints. #73b.jpg Ellen Shipley and her prints #74b.jpg Le Green with some of her work. #75b.jpg Bea Gold with her work. I didn't get everyone's photo with their work. We were all too busy looking and visiting. It really is a nice show and thanks to Barbara Mason and Sharri LaPierre for getting it done!

Richard Steiner shows how to tie a baren

On Friday, August 18, Richard Steiner & his lovely wife came to the Summit and gave us all a lesson in how to properly tie a baren.
Richard and his lovely wife in Sharri's beautiful studio.
Richard softening and warming the bamboo sheath with warm water, a terry cloth towel and his breath.
#31a.jpg Softening & flattening the fibers with a smooth river rock. #34.jpg Beginning to wrap the bamboo sheath onto the baren. #41.jpg Paul de Jode and Viza Arlington take a turn (with Richard's help). #42.jpg Viza is doing a good job with that rock! #46b.jpg Paul gets help with the wrapping, folding and holding. #51.jpg Viza gets hers wrapped tightly. Good job!

Sharpening Demo

Paul de Jode and Frank Trueba did a sharpening lesson for the Summiteers!
Paul shows how to carve with the U gouge.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Way too much Summit fun!

Here's a few snaps of the action yesterday - The woman in blue is the curator of prints and drawings at the museum, the second woman is our lovely little docent, who did not misspeak too many times, and no one jumped on her because we are civilized you know! And then we're all at the brew pub drinking to that age old profession: printmaker!
Sharri 94020001.jpg