Saturday, August 19, 2006

Richard Steiner shows how to tie a baren

On Friday, August 18, Richard Steiner & his lovely wife came to the Summit and gave us all a lesson in how to properly tie a baren.
Richard and his lovely wife in Sharri's beautiful studio.
Richard softening and warming the bamboo sheath with warm water, a terry cloth towel and his breath.
#31a.jpg Softening & flattening the fibers with a smooth river rock. #34.jpg Beginning to wrap the bamboo sheath onto the baren. #41.jpg Paul de Jode and Viza Arlington take a turn (with Richard's help). #42.jpg Viza is doing a good job with that rock! #46b.jpg Paul gets help with the wrapping, folding and holding. #51.jpg Viza gets hers wrapped tightly. Good job!

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