Thursday, August 24, 2006

Portraits of Baren Summit Participants

Here are some photos of the Summit participants.What a wonderful group of fun, witty, and enthusiastic artistic people! It was wonderful getting to know all of you a little bit. I wish I had more time to spend with you all!
#4.jpg Le Green and Nancy Osadchuk
#7b.jpg Louise Cass and Florine Sar #8.jpg Frank Trueba, Bridget Pilip, Sandy Overby #10.jpg Georga Garside and Bea Gold #12b.jpg Diane Cutter, Carole Carroll, Marilyn Smith and Barbara Patera in front #13.jpg L.D. Lawrence and Carol Chapel #14.jpg Ellen Shipley and Tracy Peart #19.jpg Wanda Robertson and Sharri LaPierre #20.jpg Viza Arlington and Stephanie Marinone #22.jpg Bea Gold and Amy Stoner #25.jpg Paul de Jode #24.jpg Charles Morgan and Bea Gold (comparing length of their hair) #77.jpg Sharri LaPierre being presented a special gift by Charles Morgan. (Someone else will have to explain the significance of the marshmallows?)

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