Thursday, October 6, 2005

My First Show

Posted by : Gilda Machado
I wanted to share some prints that are currently up at the:
The Kirk Theater, Theatre Row 410 West 42 Street New York, New York
This show is presented by "INTAR Theatre" and is in conjuction with a play written by my brother Eduardo Machado titled "Kissing Fidel"
The prints can be viewed before and during each show in the Lobby and Lounge on the second floor. show hours can be view at
Here are a few of the prints for sale and on view in New York.
Eduardo (image size: 10" x 8")

Exile (image size:18" x 24")

Chest were ripped open, when time stood still, in the hearts of our father's, the past does not die.
La Espanola (image size: 24" x 22")

Continue reading for more images.
More prints: Divine Love (image size: 14" x 18")

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