Saturday, November 5, 2005

Gainsborough Old Hall

26cmx14cm : Birchwood plyblock : printed Moku Hanga technique.
I was delivering Baren brochures to the Gainsborough Arts Centre and came out with an unexpected exhibition opportunity to produce work from the immediate environment. I set about sketching this old hall which was a place of worship for the Separatists before they moved to Amsterdam and later to America. I hope to call the exhibition “West meets East" : just eight woodblock studies of Gainsborough Old Hall cut in the western tradition and printed in the eastern manner..or something like that.. I did not intend to print them Moku Hanga because of my inexperience in the technique, however, as I have signed up for the #27 Moku Hanga exchange (Mythical beasts) next year these prints are a trial run. I am only showing about eight prints so not to bamboozle the audience and maybe include a display as to how the prints were done..or maybe I’ll just exhibit and leave out the educational bit which would make a refreshing change! Harry Lincoln UK

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