Monday, September 24, 2012

Japanese Woodblock class

Today we bring you two video clips from a Japanese woodblock printmaking class or demonstration. Not sure who the teacher is only that the videos were uploaded on June 2010. Normally we see Japanese printmakers teaching 'foreigners' and I thought it interesting to see a different aspect of it.

I hope your Japanese is up to speed !

If anyone knows who is teaching the class or has any other related info please post a comment or send me an email in the Baren forum.

Part 1
There are some interesting tips on bokashi (gradation printing): At 3:10-3:25 in the video; notice how he tilts the brush toward the red or toward the orange side of the block as to keep the colors separate and not muddy up the bokashi. Also at 5:00-7:00 he demonstrates ue of water and nori paste to achieve yet another bokashi technique.
There is a second video clip of the same class at Part 2

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