Monday, December 10, 2012

Kristina Hagman - woodblock printmaker

California woodblock printmaker Kristina Hagman demonstrates wood block printmaking using a Vandercook Proofing press at the Art Center College, Pasadena California. Showing wood blocks from the print series "36 Views of Mount Rainier" and "West coast Canada to Mexico".

For more info and to see a gallery of prints visit Kristina's website

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  1. during the vedio she shows a way of getting lighter inking on the block by hand wiping the lower half of the block, i can tell you 3 other ways to get the same effect one somewhat like the japanese way of doing it were you get a graduated color intensity with a vandercook it is called a split fountain, you just put the intended ink with full pigmentation on one end of the roller and then turn the rollers on and the ink will grad. thin out towards the other end of the roller dark at one end and lighter and the other. You could also apply a lot more transparent base at one end of the roller and little or none to the other end and get the same effects. the other two ways to getting more intence printing is to vary the pressure you can do this in two ways by adding make ready under the block or adding it to the pressure on the backing of the tampen. or you can carve out the area on the reverse side of the wood block.

    john center