Friday, July 1, 2005

Test to see if we can link Webcams!

Image should reload in seconds.

(From Dave)

Well, Julio connected my Webcam to this blog page, so perhaps there will be a boost in the number of viewers now!

For those new to the Woodblock Webcam, please note that this is not 'real' full-motion video. Although the image is being picked up by a real Sony Handycam, the webcam software is only uploading a snapshot once every eight seconds. When you factor in the time for uploading/re-writing the image file, the most you are going to be able to get is around one new shot every ten seconds or so ... not exactly smooth motion! But for now, at least it should give viewers a feel for the kind of work that I do.

I can mention that just the other day (this is July '05) the installers from NTT arrived at my home and installed an optical-fibre cable for connecting to the net. I'm too buried in work to spend time with it just now, but once I get a chance, I'm going to hunt up some video streaming software and connect it to the camera.

Once that is in place, if you too have a good broadband connection, then the Woodblock Webcam will be giving you a very good view of my work! Please stay tuned ...


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  1. Hello Tokyo! Hello Dave! I finally caught you working in the studio this morning (evening in Japan). This is very cool! Can't wait to see that print up close. Oyasuminasai. Annie B