Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trial proof : Medieval Rooftop : Gainsborough : Lincolnshire : UK

A medieval kitchen roof with a cantilevered sky light chimney : Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire.
Birch plywood 20cm x 22cm on Kanoko paper using Lawrence linseed oil.

This is the fourth study in a series of the Gainsborough Old Hall in Lincolnshire. I started the series after distributing the Baren leaflets to the Arts Centre and as I left the Arts officer proposed that I hold an exhibition of woodprints. Flabbergasted, I asked what sort of subject matter the patrons were interested in. He implied that they seldom had local studies, so off I went to review this magnificent hall : a meeting place of the Pilgrim Fathers before they left to the New World and where John Wesley preached a sermon to ‘a rude, wild multitude’.
Lincoln : UK


  1. Harry, I really enjoy the Midieval works you have persued and shared on Baren. I am a huge fan of the era and enjoy teaching the Art History of Europe during this time period. I especially like a modern artist's view point as you have a local familiarity with those wonderful buildings and an appreciation of them. Thanks for posting your latest work. Renee U.

  2. Harry, I just popped over to your web site (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/h.french1/GALLERIES.htm)
    You have quite a body of work, and I admire the way you experiment with lots of styles and themes. Some of your landscapes are wonderfully abstract and I also really enjoyed your medieval figures. As I live on the other end of the Pilgrim Fathers' voyage, this piece resonates with me. Makes me want to go do some sketches of where the Pilgrims first landed in Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.