Sunday, September 11, 2005

Two Hand Print

To keep track of the colors I used, I listed them on the back of the block. I've also posted my "kento" method, it worked for me. Also, in case anyone is interested, I started with 25 prints and finished with 20 good ones, so only 5 wasted. two hand final back of block.jpg
two hand final kentos.jpg

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  1. Dan -
    It's a great idea for documenting colors used etc. But, never let it be said that I couldn't commercialize even the best of ideas.
    Our new catalog is out, and one of our new items is called a Color Organizer. It allows complete documentation of colors used and mixture formulations, complete with an area for draw downs of the actual ink used.
    We're still having trouble getting things added to our website, but I hope it will be there soon. Hope you're feeling o.k. - I saw something about surgery while I was catching up on Baren news.