Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What I did this summer

Hi all, This past summer I was able to attend two Japanese woodblock workshops. One at a local community college taught by April Vollmer (and where I served as her unofficial TA) and I one at the Penland School of Crafts, a two-week workshop with Keiji Shinohara. In April's class I complete one print (San Francisco de Asis)and in Keiji's class I completed 3 prints--as well as practiced bokashi. If I've done this correctly (this is my first blog posting), I'll have 4 images along with this entry. Take care, frank
San Francisco de Asis.jpgSan Francisco de Asis Serengeti.Plain.jpgSerengeti Plain Summer.Gingko.jpgSummer Gingko Nuestra.Senora.de.los.Dolores.jpgNuestra Senora de los Dolores


  1. Hi Frank,
    Really like these new images, I am impressed with the design and use of large plain color areas...I think these images would look spectacular in a very large format...
    thanks for sharing these......Julio Rodriguez

  2. It is hard to comment on these new works when I have already used up all my printmaking vocabulary on the 'San Francisco des Asis' print.
    Colour and bold composition are brilliant in them all, as usual.
    Perhaps the 'Senora de los Dolores' is yet another definitive Frank print.
    Regards, Harry.

  3. Frank, it looks like you had a great summer! These are beautiful. Bold and strong, lovely colors. What are the actual dimensions of each piece?

  4. Frank ascending! Nice work, all of them! Partial to Summer Ginko, my favorite tree.

  5. Wonderful work Frank. I remeber at least one early piece and you sure have grown and learned a lot. Congratulations.

  6. Yay, Frank! Good work! I envy you your access to classes. I love the simplicity and grace of your compositions. Good work!