Saturday, September 10, 2005

Two Hand Reel

Here's my Newest Print 29 colors, lino block, on hosho student paper using graphic chemical water based inks. Kento registration.


  1. Daniel Dew & daughterSeptember 10, 2005 at 5:08 AM

    Sorry that the images turned out too large. This is his sixteen year old daughter who knows how to do this kinda stuff better than him, so I promised next post will look better.
    --Daniel and Meagan Dew

  2. Dan, so glad the surgery turned out okay & wishing you a speedy recovery. I still don't have my computer prob. fixed so I can respond to the Digest without having to go to the other computer. The print is wonderful - I can almost hear the music! Nice work.

  3. Dan Dew! Wow! I mean, holy mackerel! I mean, how did you do that? I have all these questions... How big is the print? How many blocks? I think I remember that you mostly do reduction prints, but surely this is not all one block! Do you use a magnifying glass of some sort? And how tight are your plans before you start to cut?
    Glad your surgery went so well.
    With Admiration, Annie B