Thursday, June 16, 2005

Example of posting a print image (a) ...


As long as you keep the horizontal dimension below 500 pixels, you can just put your image right into the body of your entry, as in this example.


  1. Hi Dave, how did you go about cutting all those rain lines ? was this a straight block or did you combine more than one block ? Did you use a V shaped tool ?

  2. One block of course ... But V-shaped tool???? How dare you! I don't own such a perverted tool ... Choose your weapons sir ... hangi-to at ten paces???

  3. All I use are gouges esp my 1 1/2 and 1 m for details. I use a knife about 5% of the time. I guess it is because I came to woodcuts from wood engraving. And my style has not changed much except to get a bit larger (well up to 2 by 4 feet). The traditions of wood engraving being different from water based Japanese wood cuts.
    An burin at 20 paces., lol dave