Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hanga Class

Hi all, I've had some troubles posting a message about some recent activity (that in the past might be on the Baren Show n' Tell page) so this blog has come at an opportune time. If you go to my website, http://www.ralene.com/gallery/Doings/do.html you find some pictures of me at an art fair, but more importantly, if you scroll down, pictures of an April Vollmer hanga class at our local community college in Santa Cruz, CA, at which I helped out. The class of 13 ran an entire week and each student was able to produce a small edition (my own print is the last picture). Also, I had two prints (non-moku-hanga) selected for the New Mexico Printmakers show, Hand Prints, at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (you can see the entire show at http://www.newmexicoprintmakers.com/handprints.html and my two prints (one a silkscreen, one a reduction woodcut) are viewable at http://www.newmexicoprintmakers.com/images/Hand%20Prints/33.JPG. Take care all. frank


  1. This is great, Frank! So nice to see April's workshop pictures & the great prints that everyone turned out. Nice to see April's smiling face again & your prints in the N.M. show are wonderful!

  2. Frank, I enjoyed looking thru your website, the photos from April's class and seeing all the New Mexico Printmaker's prints. I particularly liked your New Mexico church series...there is a quiet elegance to the prints and the color palette used is very pleasant. Congratulations !