Thursday, June 16, 2005

First test post ...

Well, here we are ... the first test of the new BarenForum Blog! A few days ago, member Andy English from England sent the group a link to his new blog, which is located at: As soon as we saw it, a few of us realized that this sort of thing could be a very interesting and useful addition to the Baren website too. Julio Rodriguez wrote to me asking if I thought we should get involved ...
So, with apologies to Andy for 'cutting in' on his idea ... but with thanks to him for providing the impetus ... here we are!
What sort of content do we expect? Well, to start with, we've set up the categories that you see in the sidebar at the right side of the front page. If those turn out not to be enough, we can certainly add some more.
Julio Rodriguez is going to be the manager for a while; members who want to make postings here please contact him to get instructions/passwords/etc. In the meantime, anbody at all can respond/answer/comment on any of the entries here by simply clicking on the 'Comment' link located at the end of each post. Let's give this a shot!


  1. I have had a blog for a year but mostly it is not for my art activities. I think I should start one for my printmaking and keep it sept as the former may offend some. Our would truth be a better option as my art tends to go in the same direction anyway?
    opinions anyone?

  2. here is the link to the printmaking blog I am starting. It is at its beginning stages as I am not a tech geek.

  3. You mentioned a sidebar with categories, but I don't see one.

  4. Never mind about the comment I just made. The sidebar was on the first page, and I guess I came in on one of the other ones.

  5. What a great idea. This ranks right up there with all of the things I should have thought of first.

  6. Dean then you would never get anything done in the shop.
    john center

  7. Don't know how else to do this...I've started a printmaking blog ( which is not specific to any one printmaking medium. I'll try to keep it fairly current until the motivation gives out but, I'm open to suggestions about what topics to cover.